Software Snapshots
Have an inside peek into the inner workings of Watu through images of the system below
Dashboard: View your account's latest information and job locations
Staff Profiles: Manage, search, message and track your staff
Messages: Built-in email templates offer quick, efficient communication
Job Applications: Staff apply to shifts directly within Watu, waiting for your approval
Job Build: Swiftly build jobs with varying roles, dates, locations, shift times and more
Job Adverts: Post the job to your books, prompting staff to apply directly within Watu
Calendar: Instantly see which jobs are going live, and how many shifts still need filling
Sign Off: After the staff member has worked a shift, confirm their final wage and performance rating
Payroll: Watu will prepare CSV exports offering payroll details for employees and self-employed staff
Expenses: Manage the submission and approval of expenses completely virtually
Managers: You have control to invite or suspend managers at any time, directly within your account
Better manage your staff,
Better manage your profits.
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