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6 simple reasons why you’ll love watu

Watu Features

Scheduling is a Breeze

Build jobs in minutes then take flight with immediate bookings

Watu Features

Paper-free Expenses

Virtual expense management for reduced clutter and increased clarity

Watu Features

Integrated Messaging

Typing emails becomes a task of the past with Watu’s canned messages. Instant communication so you can move on with your day. 

Watu Features

Recruitment & profiling

Flexible staff questionnaires and a straightforward search feature mean you have direct access to the information you need, at the tip of your fingers.
Watu Features

Inbound Job Applications

Publish a job and watch the applications come flooding in, allowing you to select only the best for the role. 

Watu Features

Smart Portfolios

Pitch your team with minimal effort, whilst providing maximum service to your client.

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