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Watu is revolutionary core software for your staffing business. Your go-to app for staff management if you’re ready to simplify recruitment, booking and payroll in a snap.


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  • Saves hours on booking jobs. I can publish a job to my staff, receive applications and book a job in minutes, all without having to use the phone, and wait for staff to get back to me. I’m saving hours a week.

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    Hels Angels
    Alice Margioli Hels Angels
  • My managers love it. The watu team understand the pain points in our business, how to find productivity gains, and crucially, how to make it a simple, intuitive experience.


    The Staff Room UK
    The Staff Room
    Julie Waite - Head of Staffing
  • Watu is the third member in our two man booking team.

    Breeze People
    Breeze People
    Ben Bell - Breeze People
  • Watu is fantastic! Previously we were just using our gmail to send out job notifications,book and recruit staff and it was really difficult but with the Watu its a lot easier and gives us so much more spare time to contact our clients.
    We couldn’t be happier with it!
    JE Events
    JE Events
    Jack Edwards - Co Founder
  • I am loving Watu! It has made my life so much easier…I am very happy that I have it!!

    Vitacoco gemma
    Gemma Scott - Vitacoco