watu / temporary staffing software
Better manage your promotional event staff.
Watu makes it easy to recruit, schedule, book and pay your temporary staff, saving you time, which saves you money.
Our focus...
Is on making the booking of promotional or event staff, easy. We do that by;

Automating repetitive tasks / Recruitment, Staff Profiles, Portfolio.
Building scalable job features / Simple Job Build, Email Templates, Text Messaging, Job Booking.
Creating robust records / Expenses, Work & Messaging History, Pay Records.

We save you time and reduce errors, making for happier staffers, clients and ultimately your bottom line.
Spend less time booking staff,
more time adding value to your customers.
Less management, more freedom
Utilise Watu's core features to maximise your time
Offering the most thorough software on the market, Watu has fully loaded features with a simple user interface. Browse through the overviews below, or watch our demonstration videos for an in-depth peek.
Publish your personalised recruitment template to your website, and process applications easily with message templates and integrated messaging.
Staff Profiles
Individual staff profiles include robust history of outbound messages, job application records, job performance reviews, expenses and pay history, accessible to both the agency and the staffer.
Staff Scheduling
Designed to make any scale of job easy to build, define dates, location, hours, job role, hourly or daily pay and expenses, duplicating shift information for speed of creation.
Publish job opportunities to your own private marketplace. Review staff applications, including performance scores, then simply process applications with automated booking confirmation sheets and integrated messaging.
Design your own message templates to enable automated messaging via email and SMS*, storing records of all outbound messages in each staffers profile.
*available in some countries
Quickly create and curate a branded portfolio of staffers to forward on to your client for approval.
Staffers can claim expenses via Watu, speeding up applications and processing, while ensuring rigorous record keeping and no more paper receipts.
Requiring account manager approval, create payroll exports to send on to your accounts team for payment with flexibility and ease.
Manager required for a fully functioning account
Users / Manager and Staffers
Hours saved
Getting started is easy
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We'll hold your hand as you become accustomed to the features.
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When you're ready to go live, we import all of your staff for you, you enter your credit card details, and off we go.
Customer Happiness
Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of staffers and hundreds of managers across the world use Watu to manage their working relationship. If you have any questions about the platform, or require help in personalising the platform workflow, we're here to help.

Reach out now: [email protected]
Saves hours on booking jobs. I can publish a job to my staff, receive applications and book a job in minutes, all without having to use the phone, and wait for staff to get back to me. I'm saving hours a week.
Alice Margioli / Hels Angels
In an ever more competitive space, with margins on the decline, work efficiency is key to maintaining a healthy, profitable business. Watu, with its smart efficiency gains, helps us deliver more work, at a higher quality, in less time.
Phil Edelston / Mash Staffing
My managers love it. The watu team understand the pain points in our business, how to find productivity gains, and crucially, how to make it a simple, intuitive experience.
Julie Waite / The Staff Room
"Watu is an invaluable tool for our us. The software has allowed us to scale our operations greatly across the nation. The cost is minimal, we now allocate staff more effectively, manage payroll more efficiently and overall it makes working with us an easy experience for both our clients and staff."
Simon Porter / Varii Promotions
Watu is the third member in our two man booking team.
Ben Bell / Breeze People
Watu you're amazing! You have a great response team, thank you so much.
Ieva / Phoenix Staffing
Better manage your staff,
Better manage your profits.
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