Creating a weekend reserve list of staff

It’s always an agency’s intention to staff an event with pre-approved or confirmed staff, but sometimes, stuff happens. Cars break down, illnesses hit, or maybe – just maybe – the sun shines in the UK. These and a million and one other reasons can cause drop outs so it makes sense to have a reserve list at the ready.

Not to mention, sometimes clients themselves have last minute changes and before you know it, you’ve promised to have two extra staff members at a beer festival on the outskirts of Aberdeen.. Hmm…now how to find those people…?

So whether you have a weekend coming up that is particularly packed with events, or just want to know your staff’s general availability in case of drop outs or a client’s request for extra staff, we’ve come up with the best way to do this in Watu.

Here’s how to build a weekend reserve list of staff, step-by-step:

  1. Create a new job. Use a title that will be obvious it is for a reserve list only, and not a specific job. Remember that you can search your own jobs using keywords, so name it appropriately. Enter a staffer description clarifying that they are simply noting that they’re available as reserves, and not applying to a job. In the booked description, explain that they will be booked directly on a job if the chance arises, rather than into the reserve list itself. Creating a job in Watu
  2. Build your job. You want the reserve list to reflect nationwide availability, so enter in various locations at ‘hotspots’ around your country. In the UK, this may be “London/Edinburgh/Manchester/Birmingham”, for example. In the US, you may want to focus on where your events will be, or know general availability in the larger cities like LA, NY, Chicago, and so on. Choose any location to ensure the pin drops on the map, as this is how staff will search for the job. As for roles, you can choose to either simply add one role – we would suggest something standard like “brand ambassador” – or you can make it more detailed and add additional roles if you know you have specific requirements for that particular weekend, like “bartender”. The time can cover the whole day, to capture total availability. And we’d suggest leaving the pay as 0, so that you can confirm this on a job-specific basis.  Building a job in Watu
  3. Save the job. Check that it’s looking correct in the booking page Viewing available shifts in watu
  4. Make the job public. Click the toggle to publish all locations to the job market. This will immediately take you to the job advert page.                                                                                    Publishing a job within Watu
  5. Customise your job advert. You can leave the advert content as is, with the pre-filled description, or you can choose to customise the advert per role. Remember you can also choose to only advertise specific roles to people who have already worked in that role previously. Hit publish and you’re done! Creating a job advert in watu
  6. View applications. Should the need come up for booking a reserve staff member, just check into your reserve weekend job. Here, you can see Natalie’s application which means she should be your first port of call if a shift opens up in her location.                                                         Viewing job applicants in Watu

Viewing it from the staff member’s point of view

So how does the reserve list job show for staff members? They can see it as a normal job within their job market, hence why it’s important to label it ‘Reserve List’ very clearly.

Viewing the job market in Watu

Viewing the job in the job market


Applying to a job in watu

Applying to the job as a staff member

And finally, it’s worth noting that whilst you could make this a recurring job every weekend, you’re probably better off building one per weekend. The reason being is that the job will show afresh within the job market each week that it’s created which means more applications. Also, you’re more likely to have an accurate reserve list if it’s specific to a weekend rather than being spread across a month or more – availability can change in a snap, so encourage your staff to apply on a weekly basis!

So, here’s to no more frantic Saturday morning phone calls and availability scans. No more mass messages or bulk texts to check who is around and willing to work. Just log into your account, check the reserve list and drop the right person a line.

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