Features You’ll Love

Whether you’re using outdated software or booking from the depths of excel, Watu has features guaranteed to streamline and simplify your staffing management.

Scheduling is a Breeze

Build jobs in minutes then take flight with immediate bookings

Integrated Messaging

Typing emails becomes a task of the past with Watu’s canned messages. Instant communication so you can move on with your day.

Inbound Job Applications

Publish a job and watch the applications come flooding in, allowing you to select only the best for the role.

Paper-free Expenses

Virtual expense management for reduced clutter and increased clarity

Recruitment and Profiling

Flexible staff questionnaires and a straightforward search feature mean you have direct access to the information you need, at the tip of your fingers.

Smart Profiles

Pitch your team with minimal effort, whilst providing maximum service to your client.

Learn more through demo videos, or our pricing and FAQ’s pages.

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2. Enjoy your 30 day free trial

You have access to a live account for 30 days, as well as a playground account. The latter is filled with pretend staff and jobs so you can get a feel for the software.

3. Customize your account

If you’ve decided Watu is a good fit, begin customizing by changing registration questions and appearance to make your account reflect your business.

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