Solving Your Challenges

Watu helps you to tackle obstacles in your business head-on through the latest software and in-depth industry knowledge.

Challenge: Speedy Access to Information

Staff details lost in email threads, shift times buried in excel and logistics planning scattered across various systems leads to wasting valuable time.

  • Staff profiles to maintain up-to-date information including the individual’s details, manager notes, job and pay history.
  • Built-in jobs with all shift and job details accessible instantly by you and your booked staff
  • Payroll exports saved in one place so you can easily access all pay history as and when needed.

  • Immediate access to your books with an advanced search feature to specify what type of staff member you need for a job.
  • Canned messages to speed up communications with built-in job links.
  • Short cuts to access and communicate with specific groups of staff whether by feature, location, booking status, and more.

Challenge: Hours of Manual Admin

Managing and booking temporary staff is a cycle that can keep you mass-emailing or on the phone all week. Searching for staff, communicating details, updating documents and checking for mistakes drains your valuable time.

Challenge: Recruitment requires its own manager

Asking staff to email in resumes and photos only to have to follow up with multiple comms to get the right information is draining and can even require its own manager. Recruiting is expensive.

  • Link Watu to your website to drive sign ups
  • Automated process allows for efficiency and a streamlined process across the board
  • Know which staff member is in which stage, and if they’re missing any crucial details
  • Choose to move staff between categories depending on their status and performance

  • Factual pay based on wages and expenses confirmed by managers
  • Run payroll exports summarising exactly what’s needed in order to pay a staff member
  • Accurate pay history of jobs and individuals so you – and your staffer – can see exactly which stage a payment is in
  • Never pay twice, never fail to pay. Watu deliver both these promises, guaranteeing happy staff.

Challenge: Payroll is a nightmare

You dread doing payroll as the information never matches, sums need to be triple checked and the whole process is just tedious.