Staff Guide
Get to know Watu to make the most of your agency profile
Your profile
This is the main page of your profile where you can edit your details. Always complete your profile as completely as possible because the more information you provide, the more data the agency will have on file.

You can update your details - such as your email address, home address, experience and more - by clicking 'edit', changing the information, and saving it.
Your profile photo
Select your best photo to be your main profile photo. Remember that this image may be sent across from the agency to a client, so make sure it is professionally suitable.
Add albums within your profile to show your versatility! If you are able to, it's helpful to provide a variety of styles including head shots, full body, on the job, and more.
Job Market
The job market is where you can apply for work once you have been accepted onto the agency books. Search by radius from where you live and use the 'not for me' buttons to grey out jobs that aren't suitable.

Ready to apply? Click on the job title, select the shifts you are available for and follow up with a blurb about why you'd be great for the role, then send off your application.

If you ever need to edit your application, click into 'bookings' and select the job title, where you may then click 'edit' and amend details.

What if the job market is empty? That's ok, it just means the agency doesn't have any publicly available jobs at the moment. Do keep checking in to apply when a job becomes available.
Click into bookings to see the status of any jobs you have applied to. You will see the job title along with the status listed next to it. It will state 'applied' if your application is still pending, or 'booked' if you have been confirmed for the shifts. You may also see 'rejected' which means you have not been selected for this shift.

You may click on the job title to view and edit your application, or to check booking confirmation details.
Within the calendar, you may view any jobs you have been booked in to. You may not update your availability, or apply for jobs through the calendar.

If you use a Gmail calendar, click the 'sync' button to automatically add your bookings to your private calendar!
Click into 'messages' to view all of your inbound messages from agency managers to you. All of the messages that you see here, should also be reaching your email inbox where you can click 'reply' to respond back to the manager - but read carefully, as some messages will directly you straight to a job link where you may submit a job application!

If you're not receiving these messages to your email inbox, drop us a line at [email protected] so we can help out.
Some agencies may use Watu to track your payments. If so, when you click into 'pay' you will see all pay activity including previous payments, and pending payments.

For any questions relating to pay, please contact the agency directly rather than Watu.
My account
This is where you can update your personal details relating to your account. Select which email notifications you would like to receive relating to expenses, change your password, and choose to cancel your profile if you would no longer like to work with the agency.
Extra tips
Use Google Chrome
Watu works best with the Google Chrome browser and will offer you a glitch-free experience managing your profile. Download it here.
Keep your data up-to-date
If you have a new address, fresh photos, or have gained new skills, add these to your profile! Profile activity shows that you are keen to work, and might just lead to more bookings.
Reach out to tech support
If you have any questions about your profile, click the 'tech support' button and drop us a line. We're always here to help.
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