Field Staff Guide

Get to know the in’s and out’s of your account: completing your profile, applying for jobs, checking pending payments and more.

Top tip: Use a computer and the latest version of Google Chrome for best results

Keep your profile up-to-date

All your basic details have been completed here. You can edit and update these at any time. Keep these up-to-date with details like your contact information, skills and experience so your agency has your latest information.

Submitting Photos

Here you can choose to create albums and upload individual photos to them. Uploading your latest photos along with varied styles is recommended, bearing in mind they may be forwarded on to clients.

Entering Pay Details

Once you have completed your application, you will have the opportunity to enter your pay details. Complete all details so the information can be saved, and the agency can pay you promptly.

Note: If you have a pay-related query, please contact the agency directly instead of using the ‘tech support’ button.

Job Market: Applying for Jobs

This feature is where you can view available jobs and apply for them. Choose your search radius as well as which address you want to search from. The resulting list will be all jobs that match your criteria. Click to apply.

Job Market: Selecting Shifts

Once you click apply, you will be taken to the shift selection page. Choose which shifts you want to apply to by moving the toggle to the right. Write your application in the text box, then submit your application and wait to hear from your agency.

Your Bookings

Within bookings you can check for jobs you have applied to, been shortlisted for, declined from, or have been booked on.

Sync your calendars

Use the calendar to view what upcoming bookings you have, and click to sync it with your own Google calendar. The calendar can only be used for bookings; you cannot list your availability.

Pay History

Click in ‘Pay’ to view the different stages of payment for shifts you have worked. Pending means you have not yet been paid, processed means the agency has begun to calculate your earnings, and paid means your payment has been sent out.

Top Tip: If you are invoicing, refer to ‘pending pay’ to check exactly how much you’re owed, and for which shifts

Claiming Expenses

If you have been allocated expenses for a shift, you can click on ‘Claim’ then the date of the shift. Enter the expense details, upload or take a picture of the receipt, and continue to do so until you have completed all your expenses. When ready to submit, click ‘I’m done claiming’ at the bottom of the page for approval.

Asking for Help

If you ever have a question or are running into a problem with the software, please click the ‘tech support’ button on the bottom left of your profile. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can, though please note we cannot answer questions about specific agencies.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile will remain pending until the agency is ready to activate it. While you are pending, you may receive job invitations, but you cannot view the job market.

It’s up to individual agencies as to when, and how, they pay you. Please check with them directly.

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of Watu accounts with various agencies. The information will never cross over, and each profile is specific to each agency. Do remember, if you update information on one profile, you must do so on the others as well.

If you’re receiving messages to your Watu account, but not your email inbox, you may need to reset the spam filter. You can do this by going to the log in page, clicking ‘Don’t know my password’ and entering your email address. You do not need to reset your password; simply doing this action should kickstart your emails again.

If you’re coming across small issues like having trouble saving information, a calendar not opening correctly, and so on, please ensure you’re using the latest Google Chrome. Older internet browsers cannot support Watu’s technology, so we always recommend updating.